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Business man sad tired exhausted frustrated sick ill sleepy employee business man in sit work at office desk with laptop sleep put head on table
Presenteeism, or why being present at work is not always the better choice
Employers still assess employees’ performance based on the number of sick days taken. They often...
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Successful Diverse Business Team
How to manage diverse teams? 9 tips
Creating diverse teams is no longer just an option; it becomes a necessity. It is something that employees...
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Cheerful portrait of group of businesspeople taking a photo in the office looking at camera smiling
Multigenerational team, what is it? How to manage representatives from different generations?
In the job market, representatives of different generations are present – experienced individuals...
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Workforce break time deep breath close eyes comfy workspace sit
Why is implementing a well-being strategy important in a company
The coronavirus pandemic has affected the job market. It has emphasized the importance of an employee’s...
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Happy two business people discuss investment project working and
Return of investment in employee mental health - what do the statistics look like?
The mental health of an employee is related, among many factors to their effectiveness and attachment...
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Concept of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, top view
DEI, which stands for the values of responsible business. Why are they so important?
Organization, which not only employs representatives from various groups but also ensures that they have...
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ESG abbreviation on wooden cubes, on a wooden board framed with green leaves. The concept of environmental conservation. Environmental Social Governance
CSR vs ESG - from innovation to standard practice
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that has been receiving attention in many organizations...
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Equalizing opportunities in a team - how to create an inclusive work environment?
Changes in the labor market (including the needs and expectations of Generation Z and the implementation...
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Work-life balance for leaders- is it possible? Why should managers particularly focus on balance?
  Work-life balance is something worth taking care of – that’s clear. Difficulties...
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Is conversation about the LGBTQ+ community important in the workspace?
We spend a significant portion of our lives at work, so it is important that we feel comfortable in our...
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Parental alienation – abusive “love”
Psychotherapists refer to parental alienation as a conscious or unconscious action that interferes with...
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