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Our trainings and workshops are designed for leaders, managers, HR departments, as well as employees from other departments.

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Workshops and training

Our team consists of 200+ qualified experts from Poland and the World, with extensive experience in many areas.

ESG training courses

A company culture based on DEI requires building awareness of these issues throughout the organisation.

DEI’s female and male leaders across the organization understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusivity and consistently act in a way that makes everyone, no matter their role, feel safe.

Training topics:

  • Introduction to DEI – workshop
  • Diversity&Inclusion for male and female leaders – workshop
  • Managing a multigenerational team – a workshop
  • Inclusive communication – webinar
  • The role of individual differences in team management-workshop
  • Practices how to implement DEI strategy at the department or team level
  • Diversity management
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Promote the idea of DEI by its own managerial example
  • Building awareness among employees and managers of what ESG is and what changes it brings to company strategy

Bullying and discrimination

One of the key responsibilities of employers and HR departments is to effectively counter bullying and negative behavior in the workplace.

In order to be able to effectively counter bullying, it is worthwhile to possess expert knowledge on the creation and implementation of anti-bullying procedures and to create an environment conducive to open communication in this regard.

Training topics:

  • What is violence and what are the forms of psychological violence?
  • What is bullying and what is discrimination – characteristics of the phenomena
  • Profile of a bully_ and profile of a typical bully victim – some characteristics
  • How to recognize the signs of bullying, discrimination and other forms of unacceptable behavior (characteristic symptoms and consequences)?
  • Experiencing bullying and discrimination as crisis situations in the company
  • The role of HR and managers/team-leaders in preventing bullying and discrimination in the company
  • Employer best practices to minimize bullying activities

Women's leadership

Equality in the organisation also means building a culture that supports the development of women – also in leadership positions.

At Helping Hand, we support the development of women, which is why, among other things, in August 2022 we organized the conference “Współczesna Kobieta – Liderka, Partnerka, Matka”, during which we talked about the challenges of women in business and everyday life.

Training topics:

  • Where does perfectionism come from and how do you identify it?
  • How to look at yourself positively and learn to let go?
  • How do you build realistic expectations of yourself?
  • How to appreciate yourself every day?
  • How not to get caught in a spiral of high expectations?
  • How do you stop comparing yourself to others?
  • What is self-esteem and how it affects our performance at work
  • How our beliefs and upbringing affect self-confidence

Development training for male and female employees

Strengthen and develop the competencies of your team with training on, among other things, coping with stress, taking care of your well-being at work or perfectionism.

Together we can prepare a strategy that combines the development of the team with the needs and goals of the organization.

Training topics:

  • Performance and management of stress and difficult emotions – an introduction
  • Difficult emotions – what should we know about them to manage them?
  • What is stress and peak perfomance?
  • Strength and resilience as a core competency in a world of change and turbulence
  • What is mental strength and resilience?
  • Selected techniques for developing and rebuilding one’s own strength and resilience to increase professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction

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