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Tired young father is sitting on the edge of bed
What is parental burnout? How to deal with it?
The phenomenon of burnout should not be associated with work environment only. It is something which...
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Entanglement of Women in Domestic Life
Assessment is a process that is inherent in human nature. Psychology has long studied the theory of attribution,...
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Psychotherapy for individuals aged 50+. Why is it considered a taboo topic?
Psychotherapy is a healing process aimed at helping individuals cope with emotional, mental, or behavioral...
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How to effectively manage your time
For many of us, a day is only 24 hours long. The to-do list seems endless, and the pressure keeps building...
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Assertive communication - how to maintain your boundaries?
Assertiveness is not just about saying “no,” but above all, it involves taking care of one’s...
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Two businesswomen working in a cafe
"Sisterhood"- why its important
Sisterhood is an idea aimed at bringing women together, showing that it is valuable to draw mutual knowledge...
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Upset, sad, depression, frustrated and work at home
Depression at work - causes of depression and its symptoms
Human resources specialists, psychologists, and entrepreneurs are increasingly dealing with cases of...
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Caring father caucasian man dad trying to contact with offended child girl helping little kid daughter talking sincerely about misunderstanding problem mistrust between children and parents in family
Children in the situation of divorce
Divorce is a crisis situation, extremely difficult for the whole family. Parents often have the thought...
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Quiet Quitting text headline in vintage style light box on offic
Quiet quitting meaning work is not the most important thing in life
For some, they are visionaries, for others, lazy individuals. Something that is widely noticeable is...
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Business man sad tired exhausted frustrated sick ill sleepy employee business man in sit work at office desk with laptop sleep put head on table
Presenteeism, or why being present at work is not always the better choice
Employers still assess employees’ performance based on the number of sick days taken. They often...
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Successful Diverse Business Team
How to manage diverse teams? 9 tips
Creating diverse teams is no longer just an option; it becomes a necessity. It is something that employees...
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Cheerful portrait of group of businesspeople taking a photo in the office looking at camera smiling
Multigenerational team, what is it? How to manage representatives from different generations?
In the job market, representatives of different generations are present – experienced individuals...
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