Zarząd spółki​ - Helping Hand
The Helping Hand powered by strategy for 2019-2022 targets the dynamically changing environment of treating chemical and behavioural addictions.


Helping Hand - Personal Digital Therapist


How to support addicts and therapists by providing modern technologies based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • To offer the best experience for patients - to provide exactly what they need and when they need it - a community, professional therapists, a unique and innovative prediction system.
  • Anonymity and Safety for patients.
  • Calibrated acquisition of application patients aimed at the development of an active database of addicts, co-addicts, ACA, and Therapists in PL and EU.
  • Expand the sources of information aboutthe patient in order to predict relapse.


How to build a dominant position of the first mobile ecosystem supporting addicts in PL and EU?

  • To be a reference point in the category of a mobile tool supporting the recovery process.
  • To offer the best (anonymous, safe, convenient, user-friendly, intuitive and engaging) mobile application.
  • Offer the best (comfortable, friendly, intuitive and engaging) panel for therapists.
  • Strengthen the 'mobile first' approach in a multi-channel access and distribution model.
  • Minimize the functional gap with respect to standard stationary therapy.
  • Increase the database of active users of mobile applications and treatment through this channel.


How to effectively manage our resources?

  • Business growth while maintaining the current employment level
  • Increase average revenue per customer each year
  • Develop a reporting module (processing + data understanding).
  • Develop the first prototype of the system to ensure that the prediction of relapse is at least 80% effective.
  • Develop the final prototype of with an automated dialogue system (chatbot) to ensure min. 5% for the group of patients using the application

In April 2019, the project received an almost
PLN 6 million subsidy from the
National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR).

What does it mean?
credibility, trust, professionalism,
development, research, stability

The NCBiR provides support forPolish the academic and business communities
in developing their capacity to develop and use solutions based on
the results of scientific research in order to stimulate the development of the economy
and for the benefit of society.

Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju

Board of Directors

zdjecie marcin brysiak - Zarząd spółki​

Marcin Brysiak

"I wanted to help myself, and it turned out I can help others this way."

Daniel Lewczuk

Vice President
"I trust that we will help many thousands of people, although I believe that it could be tens or hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions..."

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