Internet Addiction Disorder

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Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet addiction syndrome (IAD) is a behavioural addiction, i.e. it is characterized by a sense of a strong need to perform activities related to "staying online". Kimberly Young, an American psychologist, distinguishes 5 subtypes of Internet addiction:

Cybersexual addiction (cybersexual addiction) - consists in watching films and photos with pornographic content or talking about sexual topics in chat rooms.

Cyber-relationship addiction - dependence on online social contacts. The person establishes new contacts only through the network, can "talk" for hours with other users, but has difficulties in establishing real-life interpersonal relations. People with IAD may lose or impair their ability to engage in non-verbal communication.

Another subtype is addiction to the Internet (net compulsions) - e.g. addiction to gambling games (online pathological gambling in online casinos), to online games (the opponent is a living person who also sits at the monitor at the moment), to auctions or online shopping;

Information overload, i.e. information overload - e.g. searching for new information, searching databases;

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Computer addiction - e.g. computer games.

These subtypes include the dependency to follow up on blogs, following other people's life stories described on websites or to describing their own stories. Hacking can also be treated as a form of IAD.

Young people aged 15-17 are the most susceptible to Internet addiction - almost 7% of them show symptoms of addiction.


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