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What are addictions?

Addictions include behavioural, cognitive and physiological symptoms that develop after repeated use of a substance and which usually include a strong need to take the drug, difficulty in controlling its use, persistent use despite its harmful effects, preferring to continue using it over other activities and responsibilities, increased tolerance and sometimes physical symptoms of abstinence syndrome. The term refers to mental disorders such as drug, drug, alcohol or cigarette addiction ( chemical addiction), as well as to many other forms of forced behaviour such as compulsive shopping, TV-watching , sex, gambling or Internet use (behavioural addictions).

Abstinence syndrome

A group of symptoms, varying in combination and severity, occurring after absolute or relative withdrawal of a psychoactive substance after a period of continuous intake. The onset of symptoms and the course of abstinence syndrome are limited in time and depend on the type of psychoactive substance and the dose administered immediately before discontinuation or restriction of use.

An Animation that can save lives

Our brains have a defect - they're easily addicted. This mechanism is very deeply rooted in them and involves an evolutionary reward system that motivates us to take action to promote the spread of our genes. The whole mechanism is demonstrated in this simple film. It's hard to believe that a story made up of a few lines can arouse such emotions. It's worth watching it to end...

Pamiętaj, jeśli potrzebujesz natychmiastowej pomocy i czujesz, że możesz zrobić sobie krzywdę, zadzwoń niezwłocznie pod 112 – bezpłatny numer alarmowy!