Helping Hand is an innovative project that integrates a mobile application and a therapeutic platform, allowing addicts to undergo therapy and benefit from online support, which also allows therapists to offer remote treatment and optimize addiction therapy.

Our project will redefine medical care in the area of therapy and psychological / psychiatric support, focusing on digitisation and facilitating access to medical records on mobile devices for patients and their physicians. The application uses artificial intelligence (AI) to offer users an initial diagnosis, recommendations for further action and, if necessary, a specialist, but above all, to predict the recurrence, i.e. the moment of breaking abstinence.

Helping Hand is a 100% Polish project, developed by Polish engineers and appreciated as a start up with almost 6 million PLN in funding from the National Centre for Research and Development.

The innovativeness of the project is:

  • the effectiveness of 80% in predicting abstinence fracture through the Artificial Intelligence Module (AI), which was previously unattainable using standard methods;
  • using for the first time in the world, an original of therapeutic tools (Prof. Chodkiewicz/Przewoźniak);
  • use of modern tools (chat and video) for online therapy;
  • unique use of the Internet community as a support group for addicts;
  • an innovative online tool, irreplaceable in therapy at a distance, at home, in a safe environment of the patient and allowing to store the entire history of therapy;
  • a unique solution that offers the possibility of multiple interventions in reducing addictions (therapeutic, screening and prophylactic measures)

Our project is:

  • the only solution that aims to build the largest alcohol therapeutic network in Poland and Europe and the network of support for abstinents (sober alcoholics) online;
  • the only mobile application in Europe based on artificial intelligence algorithms, aimed at supporting patients and therapists in the treatment of alcohol dependence and its effects;
  • the only solution in Europe that offers the possibility of collecting and multifactorial analysis data from hundreds of thousands of users, with demographic, mental, social and somatic factors of alcoholic relapse risk

It should be stressed that none of the competing solutions offers such complex predictive functions based on artificial intelligence algorithms, tools facilitating the work of therapists and a system that could be incorporated into the existing addiction therapy system.

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